Our assessment projects encompass executive profile evaluation, career motivators, competences and skills, personal values, work resilience pattern and potential for development. In our methodology, we combine the broad experience of our senior consultants with specific behavioral inventories, always guided by each project’s objectives, customized according to clients’ demands, current scenario and reality.

Our methodology is comprised of individual in-depth interviews, focused on competences and values, followed by the application of online inventories for proper understanding of the profile of each professional with respect to their behaviors, attitude, leadership style, work resilience, productivity, maturity, self-awareness and time management, as well as aspects related to communication, relational profile, listening and interaction, self-knowledge, and team integration.


In our assessment projects, we work with two of the most renowned behavioral inventories, used worldwide:


Hogan is present in more than 55 countries, with reports in over 40 languages. It is used by more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and with over 2 million reports issued. Hogan’approach is based on personality predicting behaviors that impact professional performance. Its reports bring profile characteristics on two key dimensions of personality and their impact on the corporate world: the identity and reputation of each professional. Hogan reports provide relevant information on individual values, strengths and potential behavior threats, which impact professional performance.

DISC is the most widely used tool in the world for behavioral profile analysis in recruiting and people development processes. Its application allows an assertive prediction of observable human behaviors, from the identification of four natural tendencies or preferences for certain situations:

(D) Dominance – how we deal with problems and challenges;
(I) Influence – how we deal with people and influence them;
(S) Steadiness – how we deal with change and set our pace;
(C) – Compliance – how we deal with rules and procedures set by others.

Proprietary Inventories

In addition to international tools such as Hogan and DISC, we also use our proprietary inventories in assessment projects, according to the scope and objectives of each assignment. Our proprietary inventories help provide a behavioral x-ray of the professional, team and area or company moments, based on the most recurring reactions or answers, pointing to strengths and gaps, which are also opportunities for development.

The methodological basis for the construction of the inventories is based on hundreds of versions already applied in medium and large companies, aiming to create adherence and add value for professionals.


Proprietary inventory to evaluate teamwork maturity, with emphasis on identifying strengths, critical gaps and opportunities for developing this competence, both individually and for teams.

Some of the dimensions covered by the reports:

  • Predominant characteristics of the professional
  • Strengths and gaps for teamwork
  • Talents, difficulties and deficiencies of the team
  • Dynamics of working with the team
  • Opportunities for alignment and development



Proprietary inventory to help point out the dominant leadership traits, focusing on the leaders’ predominant behaviors and reactions, strengths, critical gaps, and opportunities for development.

Some of the dimensions covered by the reports:

  • Maturity
  • Reliability
  • Recognition of the team achievements
  • Clarity and objectivity
  • Assertive communication
  • Feedback routine



Proprietary inventory to help point out professional predominant drivers, with emphasis on motivations, key characteristics and usual behaviors.

Some of the key drivers covered by the reports:

  • Agility
  • Delivery
  • Change
  • Influence
  • Discipline
  • Analysis
  • Innovation
  • Competition
  • Legacy