Market Mapping

In order to determine the level of competitiveness in attracting and engaging strategic talent, we provide an exclusive, confidential, and proprietary Market Mapping service to our clients.

Mapping is a customized market research study tailored to the client’s needs, and containing information about direct and indirect competitors, benchmark organizations, and similar companies.

Our mapping projects provide detailed information about candidates and organizational structures, compensation packages, current career path, training, language skills, mobility and recent track record of results, always aiming to create more objective market parameters for companies. The value generated by our mapping studies has a direct impact on companies’ talent attraction and engagement strategies, due to the analysis of competitiveness of the strategic staff in relation to employees holding similar positions in competitors. According to the client’s needs, the mapping can also be followed by a complete selection process to attract new talents.

An effective market mapping program is an indispensable tool to achieving consistent results in businesses, both by providing strategic information, benchmarks, and market analyses, as well as prioritizing human resources.