Our services in the field of Corporate Governance are guided by the seniority of our partners as project heads, by their experience with Governance, and by the fact that we have worked with many business families and organizations from various sectors, as well as by providing courses and trainings in various institutions, mainly the IBGC – Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance.

We operate on three strategic fronts in the area of Governance:

Recruitment and Selection of Independent Directors

Independent members of the Board, be it an Advisory Board or a Board of Directors, can add even more value if the organization is clear about their appropriate profile, including repertoire, experience in the segment or similar ones, as well as maturity in terms of soft skills.

A detailed briefing, focusing on the organization’s moment, culture, Board maturity level, and shareholder interaction, allows us to map candidates with an emphasis on adherence and added value, helping to recruit and select the right candidates for independent Board positions.

Composition and Assessment of Directors

Directors and the dynamics of the Board of Directors are evaluated with the aim of increasing performance, degree of integration and generating value for the sustainability of the organization.

With a methodology supported by in-depth interviews and behavioral inventories of self-assessment and reputation of the Board members (with strict maintenance of confidentiality and secrecy), we generate important studies to review the composition, new structures and profiles of Directors.

Mentoring Programs for Family Business Heirs

As part of this exclusive mentoring program, we offer training in Corporate Governance maturity, the role of the director, preparation for the heir and successor, and the director’s dynamics and behaviors.

Based on an in-depth individual assessment stage, our programs help to mature strengths and opportunities for individual development, strategic vision, trends and innovation, interpersonal and stakeholder relationships, in addition to other highly relevant topics, as well as support effective preparation for day-to-day meetings and strategic interactions.